Taking a break from the bike to network and get educated at SMPS!

July 28, 2013 | LeAnn Nowak

This week I am taking a break from the bike. Over the past week I did several rides – starting with climbing our roads to Horsetooth Rock, which included 7 and 8% grades, and also shorter rides of 35 and 26 miles for recovery. But today the bike goes in for maintenance and tomorrow I venture to Orlando for a conference and will be packing the running shoes.

I am in love with cycling so the prospect of being away from the bike for a week is tough, but I am sure after a few miles I will become reacquainted with my first love and will enjoy the solitude of a morning run as well.

The conference — Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS), Build Business – will be attended by roughly 1000 marketing people (in varying capacities) from Architecture, Engineering and Construction firms. I’ve been part of this organization for over 10 years. It teaches and advocates best practices for marketing and business development in an industry that often thrives on referrals and repeat business but really takes so much more behind the scenes. The sessions will revolve around proposal generation, knowledge management, client relationships and more. I encourage you to check out www.smps.org.

I will write again from the road…already knowing that I will find plenty to write about based on my past experiences with this wonderful organization and brilliant! people.

In the meantime, I will be giving a few muscles a break and finding a few that haven’t been used in a while. And I know I will look forward to taking back to the road on my bright orange bike and I will be refreshed, renewed and will leave Orlando having reconnected with old friends, gained a lot of continued knowledge on the AEC industry and will have a ton of new contacts.