Reviewing Insurance Coverage

June 28, 2015 | Marketing BaseBuilders

When was the last time you reviewed your insurance coverage’s?

We all know it is a pain in the butt to meet with different providers when looking at either health insurance or liability insurance. However, failure to do so on an annual basis can cost you either hundreds or thousands of dollars in higher premiums.

It is worth it to take the time on an annual basis to shop around. Now if you have a great relationship with your insurance provider, I don’t know if I would be jumping ship to new provider for 1-2% saves. But if you shop around, there is a very high probability that you are going to find better rates somewhere else.

You may want to look around for a provider that specializes in provided coverage for architects and engineers.

Just make sure, that you are dealing with a reputable company and you are getting a quality plan to back you up.