Project Tracking Makes Præsto AE Stand Out

Screenshot of engineering project management software
Præsto AE has the unique feature called Tracking Fields. You can create as many fields (columns) as you like to track, categorize, and organize your projects. Each tracking field will have its own drop down list of values that you define. You will be able to search, sort, and report on any of your fields. In other sections of Præsto AE you will also track project features like architectural programming items, unique materials, mechanical and electrical systems, structural items, anything you like. And every tracked feature becomes searchable so you can find past projects with features that you would like to move forward to a new project or you want to list on a resume. These are a few reasons why Præsto AE is the best project tracking software for architects and engineers.

Start with the Præsto AE Dashboard

See a snapshot view of the information you need to see on a daily basis:

  • Your own unique Company and Contact hot list.
  • Your Tasks and Assigned Projects.
  • Your time summary across the bottom of the layout.

And then you can begin to:


CA Log

Præsto AE will track all of your construction administration items. Manage the mass of communication, including:

  • RFIs
  • Submittals
  • Shop Drawings
  • Clarifications
  • Supplemental Instruction
  • …and more

You set up the type of items that you want to log and track. Each item can be assigned a due data for action and you can track those items that you have sent out to sub consultants for their review and comment.

Screenshot of architectural project management software

Resources by Project

For each project you can assign staff by week and day. A simple entry of the required hours will inform your entire organization of what need to be done. When you are entering the hours you have to option to assign the days of the week you expect the hours to be worked. Or if things are more flexible you can let the hour float. In either case you will see exactly how many hours have been allocated to a project and the  associated resource. You can even set up equipment and/or teams to assign as a single resource.

Resources by Staff

From the staff module you can see all the projects that an employee has been allocated to and their accumulated work load. A great management tool is to have each employee go into the resource module and project their own work load for the coming weeks. This will create a bottom up management solution that delegates the work load responsibility to all the staff rather than burdening your project managers with all the work.

Project Notes

On the right hand side of this project sheet you see the list of notes for the project. Each note is an individual record that is date and time stamped with its creation date. Use this like a project diary to record events, ideas, or conversations. Now you will have a searchable electronic record of everything that has happened on your projects.



Præsto AE takes the headache out of billing your clients. The integrated invoices are easy to build and can include Fixed Fee Phases, Hourly Phases, Reimbursable Items, and Vendors all on the same invoice. Integrated billing designed specifically for Architects and Engineers – now that is something to smile about.Not to mention the integration with Quickbooks to make your billing even easier. No double-entry necessary!
Demo used for project management software for builders


For each company and each contact in the Address Book, you can have linked Notes, Documents, and Tasks. When you are browsing a company you will see all of your communications and follow-up tasks for this entity. So before you call your hot new prospect, you can review your notes and be fully up to speed when they answer the phone.

Proposals and Fees

  • Track your open proposals and the probability of closing each one
  • Develop your fees
  • Calculates your fee as a percentage of construction costs
  • Displays your fee on a per square foot or square meter basis
  • Calculate how much of your fee you have per budgeted hour


Time Slips

Time is your most valuable asset and you need to know how and where time is being spent. Tracking time in Præsto AE will not only give you great reports on how time has been spent but also compare actuals to your budgeted hours.
Screenshot of best project tracking software

Address Book

This is much more than a simple address book. It is shared across your organization so everyone has the same up to date information. You can create lists for things like Christmas Cards or your Newsletter and Præsto AE will print your labels so getting these things in the mail is a simple task. You can also see a summary of projects you have with a given client.

Project Hours

Here is your snap shot view of how time has been spent on your project. A powerful project management tool for architects and engineers.

Vendors and Consultants

  • Track and manage your consultants, their fees, pay requests, and payouts
  • See how your fees are being distributed to track and manage your net fees better
  • Know how much of your fees and receipts belong to you and what is owed to your consultants
  • Track your vendors, their bills, and your payments to them
  • Each vendor bill will flow to your client invoice with or without a markup