Read why so many architects and engineers choose Præsto AE for their project management software.


My firm adopted Praesto and decided to use it to its full potential. With a 18 person private industry architecture firm in it’s fifteenth year, our record keeping and billing systems were in a state of controlled chaos. That control came at a cost.At  last count, we had six separate systems that Praesto was able to integrate. Furthermore, as the firm principal, I found that as the years went on, too much of the institutional memory was in my own head, no matter how big my conventional files were becoming. Praesto has allowed me to apply less energy to remembering details and digging through archives, and freed my focus to being an architect in a complicated world; where my focus is needed.  I tried many database alternatives and can testify that they are all either over simplified to placate a spectrum of industries or overly flexible requiring a monumental re-write.  Praesto is not overly-simple, and although we wish architectural services were more straight forward, they are not.  If you are not looking for a shortcut, rather a business tool, and you are practicing in A/E, Praesto is probably that platform that you keep wishing was out there while you are pulling your hair out doing billings.

-Peter | Designhaus | Rochester, MI

We went live with the Praesto QuickBooks combo just one week ago and I even sent invoices right away! The Partners like the new format better than what we had with our last system and the invoices were easier for me to generate, too — I’m going to like this!

-Office Manager | Burgin Lambert Architects, Inc. | Newport, RI

We have been using Project Management software on the Macintosh for the last twelve years and this is simply the program “You Must Have” if you are in the A/E community. Not only is this a robust solution to Digital Project Management, but it also runs on the Macintosh by using Filemaker as the database. We have been working with BaseBuilders for over a year now and have watched this program blossom into a very robust solution that covers every aspect of a project’s life from proposal to closeout. Implementation was straightforward. Simply stated, software is only as good as the customer support behind it, and everyone writing and selling software should take a lesson or two from these guys.We where running ArchiOffice and the data generated from that program was easily transferred to the new system. BaseBuilders to this day have always been simply a phone call away and the Owner actually calls you to help you resolve problems. The program allows you to develop proposals, track time and cost and then convert that proposal into a live project. Forecasting of cash flow and the project tracking of payables and receivables has been an invaluable tool for our firm. We recently installed the latest upgrade and where happy to see a few of the upgrades we had requested from BaseBuilders to handle administrative duties during construction.

-Anthony | Vincent Pope Architects, Inc | Tucker, GA

Absolutely LOVE Praesto and now that we’re a few months in we’re really leveraging some of the information that we always had scattered through 10 different locations and multiple software problems. Our projects are more profitable simply because I, as the project manager, have immediate access to the projects’ status. The customer support is top-notch. Have a question, or need help? Call them up!

-Eric | Landworks Studio | Olathe, KS

We are a one-person design office that receives a mountain of email and phone calls each day on many projects. Praesto AE allows us to record, manage, and keep on top of all the information. Nothing gets “lost”! Apart from information storage, we now have control over our time, costs, fees and profitability. Having a thorough centralized record of our projects means we also satisfy our PI insurer with our record keeping procedures. Start-up and implementation went smoothly. It took us about a month to work out what we needed and how to do it. Customer Support has been excellent. We are in Australia, and we either get an immediate email or phone call to our requests, or it is there the next morning.

-Paul | Soul Space | Brisbane, AU

As a small engineering firm we handled all of our accounting through QuickBooks but needed something to help our Project Managers manage their project budgets, schedules, and office manpower. We found Praesto AE and after learning more decided Praesto looked like it was written for us. We now use Praesto timesheets for all of our time entry, which allows us to see real time staff utilization, monitor project budgets, easy invoicing, proposal tracking, etc. Praesto has been easy to learn and use. The customer support has by far been the best I have ever seen from any company in my career. Praesto AE has greatly benefited our firm and all of our project managers. Each manager can quickly and easily check budgets so they can spend more time focused on clients and projects.

-David | Midwest Engineering Assoc., Inc. | East Peoria, IL

Preasto AE is the replacement for another Filemaker based accounting and management system our design firm had used for years. As we were already familiar with Filemaker, the transition was easy. The Preasto team has been very diligent in helping move all our data to the new system and extremely helpful in showing us the myriad of new accounting and management tools at our disposal. We look forward to populating the central database with past and future project data to help identify project costing; in the past it was scattered throughout office computers. Also, from an accounting standpoint, being able to push all entries directly into Quickbooks from Praesto AE will eliminate duplicate entries.

-Arthur | Borthwick Guy Bettenhausen | Irvine, CA

I work for a Civil-Site Engineering consulting firm with about 12 people. We were looking for software that would track our projects from inception to completion, including billing and time/task capabilities. We currently use an old DOS based database to track our projects and do our billing by hand. We have been very pleased with the customer support and help in getting all of our existing information transferred over. It took a little longer than we expected, but we didn’t exactly have the template. We are still in the process of fully integrating the office to this system, but so far it has been very intuitive to use.

-Phillip | Southern Partners, Inc. | Augusta, GA

We are a mechanical engineering firm and are an original user of Praesto AE, maybe even the first one! It solved a lot of our project organization woes, and assembled all of the data, both project and billing, in a single, easy to use format. Promotional material and job history is easier than ever to compile, and we don’t forget relevant projects anymore. We have over 1,000 projects on our database now, with easy access to any information on them. I highly recommend Praesto AE as a simple to use, cost-effective database tool to manage a business. We still use Quickbooks for tax and accounting purposes, but Praesto AE does everything else! Call me for a reference anytime.

-Wayne | Aspen Engineering | Reno, NV

When we started our structural engineering business we knew we would need software that would track our projects, expenses, payments, hours, and everything else that is involved in having a business. It took us a few months to find Base Builders, and since then we have been very happy with it. We are able to track everything we need and transfer it all to our QuickBooks. The customer support with Base Builders is awesome. When first learning how to use the program, I had a lot of questions. All of my questions were answered with patience until I understood what I needed to do. And still when I have questions, the support is there. Base Builders has been great and continues to provide all that we need to allow our business to be successful.

-Susan | T4 Engineers, LLC | Las Vegas, NV