Five Tips for Getting Staff to Enter Timesheets in Architectural/Engineering Firms

I’ve interviewed hundreds of Project Managers at Architectural/Engineering firms over the past twenty years and it seems the number one complaint never changes:  “Our employees just won’t enter their timesheets”.   I love to come back with a quick “Why won’t they?” Usually the feedback during these conversations has something to do with time – your […]


3 tips for AE Firm Business Development and “Dream” Fulfillment from SMPS

I planned to write while I was at the Society for Marketing Professional Services conference and since I’ve attended more than a dozen years consecutively…I should have known better than to think I would find a few free minutes.    And, I will also admit that I didn’t get out my running shoes, not once. True […]


Got Clipless pedals? Got Project Management Software? The right equipment can improve efficiencies!

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Having the right equipment in cycling will make a huge difference in efficiencies.  Having the right “equipment” in your business will mean the same thing. I was apprehensive about using clipless pedals and cleats.  I admit it.  I am a fairly strong rider but I began to realize I wasn’t going to be efficient enough […]