Doug Rawson, founder of Base BuildersI was looking for a solution to manage our engineering firm…

With six years of engineering experience under my belt, my partner and I launched our electrical engineering practice in 1995 – Pinnacle Engineering. Shortly after opening we began searching for an affordable software solution that would allow us to track our projects the way that consulting firms need to. We didn’t find a single solution that wasn’t build for the big 100+ person firms or that we could afford.

So I reached back to my computer programming background, my original major in college before getting an electrical engineering degree, and decided to build our own solution. Praesto was born. It did not have a name at that time but it was just what we needed.

From 1995 until 2002 I continued to add features and functions until what we had was a very robust project/business management solution. By this time several of our peers had seen our solution and were inquiring about obtaining a copy. So in the fall of 2002 Base Builders was born as a software development company focused solely on the AE industry. We contracted with a professional software developer to take what I had created to the next level and get it ready for commercial release. In January of 2003 we sold our first copy of Praesto.

Since our first copy sold, we have continued to refine and improve our solutions to meet the demands of our clients who now span the world. We feel like this is the most complete project and task management software for architects and engineers.

I believe that we offer the most cost effective solutions available today and we stand behind our tools with an unprecedented 90-Day Money Back Guarantee that you will be satisfied with our products. Let us show you what a great software tool can do to add dollars to your bottom line. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


Doug Rawson, PE